The Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

In 2022, Americans spent up to $6,000 on average on home maintenance and repairs. Some repairs cost more than others and sewer line issues are at the top.

Fortunately, getting a sewer inspection can help catch problems early before they become major expenses. Have you considered scheduling a detailed inspection but aren’t sure if it’s worth it?

The following guide will explore sewer camera inspection benefits. Read on to learn how these inspections can save you money and protect your home from disaster.

Non-Invasive and Affordable

Years ago, inspecting a sewer line involved digging trenches and tearing up landscaping. It was a time-consuming and difficult process that also cost a lot of money to do.

Today, video cameras feed straight into a sewer line and find problems without all the hassle. These new sewer inspections are much more affordable and they find and prevent damage faster.

Because there isn’t any trench digging or filling, labor costs are lower. Plus, not having to restore landscaping saves a lot of time and adds convenience.

Wide Detection Range

New advanced video technology allows plumbers to uncover issues they might not have been able to find in the past. It doesn’t matter if your sewer line is very far down because the cameras have such a long range.

They can find issues such as severe clogs causing nasty smells and backups. The cameras can detect pipes that have broken or collapsed.

If there’s a water leak, the cameras can pinpoint the leak’s exact location. Not only can water leaks damage your home if left unattended, but they can also increase your water bill each month.

Roots can cause water leaks because the moisture in your pipes attracts them. If roots grow in or around your pipes, it can disrupt your plumbing system. Fortunately, cameras can find the exact point of root intrusion before it becomes a costly situation.

Monitor Pipe Health

The walls of sewer pipes tend to collect grime and debris from things such as cooking oils, soap residue, food waste, and trash. Plumbers can check the condition of pipe walls with cameras and decide how to treat lines.

Sometimes they’ll find that the lines need cleaning or repairs. Other times plumbers might find that lines need to be replaced altogether. No matter what they find, monitoring lines and taking action can prevent complex problems in the future.

Once you get a visual reference and know the health of your pipes, you can use that information for insurance purposes. Cameras offer homeowners indisputable proof of pipe and sewer line conditions rather than an estimated guess.

Protect Your Home

Sewer video inspections help protect your home and everyone inside. You might expose yourself and others to severe health threats if toxic sewer water ever backs up into your house or landscaping.

Not to mention, backups can cause to your home’s foundation causing expenses and hazards. A sewer camera inspection can pinpoint issues before they grow into hazardous wastewater leaks.

Ready for a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Now you know the many benefits of a sewer camera inspection and why it’s a wise choice. Remember this guide and consider scheduling an inspection to keep your pipes healthy and your wallet full!

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