Your sewer line is one of the most important parts to your plumbing system. It is responsible for carrying your wastewater away in a safe and sanitary fashion. If a leak or a clog develops in your main sewer line, it can affect nearly every piece of plumbing in your home or business. To fix the problem quickly and efficiently, count on the experts at I Love Sewers Rooter and Plumbing. We’ve been serving the businesses and homeowners in City of Industry, CA and nearby areas

Our team of highly skilled and experienced plumbers will evaluate the issue with your sewer line to see if there is a blockage or a problem with the pipe itself. We utilize modern technologies, such as our high-tech video inspection cameras to inspect your sewer line and determine the best course of action. Our plumbers understand the ins and outs of fixing sewer line problems and we are prepared to take care of your plumbing issue right away. We stand behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. FL.

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If you’re facing complications with your sewer system, don’t attempt to handle the issue on your own. When it comes to dealing with waste and a complex piping system, I Love Sewers Rooter and Plumbing is the name to trust. From fixing faulty pipes to unclogging and cleaning blocked pipes, to installing pipes in new construction, our expert plumbers can do it all. We are passionate about plumbing, and we are even more passionate about providing superior service at a great price.  We believe in integrity and transparency, and we never take advantage of our customers. We first inspect your sewer line using our high tech sewer cameras and then present to you all the repair options available. Our accurate upfront pricing enables you to exactly know what to expect from us.

Three Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems


Sewer line problems should never be ignored, and are a situation you should NEVER try to solve on your own. The professionals at I Love Sewers Rooter and Plumbing are here to help you with drain cleaning and sewer line repair to restore the function of your sewer line and plumbing system

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